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044I – Return to Writing in a Kindle World: An Interview with Louella Nelson

Bestselling author Louella Nelson is a novelist, editor, and writing teacher. After the death of her mother, Louella found it difficult to write for nearly two decades. One day, she found inspiration for a new story, and things started coming together again for her.

Louella was already editing Debra Holland's books, so she was very familiar with the Montana Sky series. Again, one morning she woke up with a complete scene of a new story in her head, and she came downstairs and typed it up. She sent it to Debra, who was considering opening up the Montana Sky series as a Kindle World, and soon Rye's Reprieve became one of the first books in the new World.

In our fun interview, Louella tells us about her experience and how it helped her return to regular writing and publishing again. She recommends her mentor, Raymond Obstfeld, as an excellent writing teacher. (He's written Novelist's Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes, Fiction First Aid, and Careers for Your Characters, as well as fiction.) She also gives encouragement to anyone who's been away from writing for a long time and wants to get back into it.

Check out all of Louella's books on her Amazon Author page, Enjoy the show!


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