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072E – How a Pretend Person Got Me Back Into Writing

While talking with Kristin Billerbeck during the last episode, I was so excited to tell her that her new book, The Theory of Happily Ever After, really helped me during the difficult time I've been having in finding my joy again, finding out if writing is still part of what I'm meant to do with my life and my time.

I worry that I may be an over-sharer, but I really believe that helping other people know they are not alone in what they're going through or how they're feeling is worth any judgement on my sharing too much of my personal feelings.

That's why I share a little more about what I've been feeling, my hopes and fears about writing, and how I really related to the main character of Kristin's book who is going through something I felt was similar to my problems. Kristin's main character, Maggie, helped me think through my own fears and made me feel I wasn't alone in how I felt. And I wanted Kristin to know her book – a work of fiction about imaginary people – helped me in a difficult time.

Perhaps more than that, even, I wanted to let you know that your books could help someone else feel like they aren't alone. So don't give up on your writing!


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