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083I – Pitching Your Book at a Conference: An Interview with Laura Drake

Laura Drake is back for a timely look at pitching your book! It's conference season, and writers conferences are one of the best places to find and pitch your book to agents and editors who may be the right fit. But how do you say everything you want to say in 2-10 minutes?!

Pitching veteran Laura Drake has some great tips for you. Preparation and practice are the two key elements! But knowing when to stop talking is also a big part of a great pitch.

Laura was here talking to us about the importance of the first five pages – what you'll need after the agent says, “Send me a sample!” So if you haven't heard it or need a refresher, listen to Episode 65 The First Five Pages again.

You can find more on Laura, her books, and her Write Stuff Podcast at LauraDrakeBooks.com.


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