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085T – Writing a Query Letter

After Laura Drake explained to us how to pitch our book at a conference last week, it seemed another logical topic would be how to write a query letter. And since I'm about to write a query letter myself, I figured the timing was perfect!

My go-to resource for publishing information for ages was literary agent (turned author) Nathan Bransford's blog. There is really no way I can distill his “Query Letter Template” blog post down into a more concise explanation, so read it over and check out the “formula” for a great query letter.

Nathan is also great about linking to other posts on his blog with related information, and you'll find several links in that post. But here are two more great posts on his blog – “The One Sentence, One Paragraph, and Two Paragraph Pitch” and “How to Write a Query Letter.” So much great information here!

And if you want someone else's opinion on how to write a great query letter, just do an Internet search – there is a ton of information out there! Here is another great one I found.


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