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092I – Writing Retreats and Classes: An Interview with Susan May Warren

The lovely Susan May Warren is back, and this time with writing tools!

It was all we could do, the last time she was on the show, to stay focused on her new book and not stray off into all the ways Susie May helps other writers. So this show is all about her helping all of us to become better writers through a ton of tools she's developed for all levels of writers. 😀

As you listen, you'll hear about Learn How to Write a Novel (.com) and all of the free information you can find there. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced writer, you can sign up for a free class, learn tips from the pros from the great blog (including posts from former WNW Podcast guests Sarah Sundin and Patricia Bradley), and click around for links to other great resources.

One of those other resources is Novel.Academy, where you can take classes, join the membership site for weekly classes with Susie May, and learn more about the in-person writing retreats. The Deep Thinker's Retreat will be in February 2019 and the Deep Woods Writing Camp is in October 2019.

Susie May also tells us how she developed The Story Equation (affiliate link alert!) and turned it into a book. And – one of my favorite parts – she created a time management planner for your whole life! She talks about how she decides what she's going to do with her time, and how she gets a lot done in her work life while still having an incredible personal life. Awesome! You can still buy the 2018 version here (affiliate link alert!) and pre-order the 2019 planner here (links as of August 9, 2018).

I hope you found lots of great information in this episode. I sure did!


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