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103I – The Strong Quaker Women of Nantucket: An Interview with Suzanne Woods Fisher

Suzanne Woods Fisher joins us today for a riveting and fun conversation about Nantucket, its amazing history and people, and the trilogy of Quaker books she set on the island.

Did you know that the Macy family (from the Macy's department stores) and the Folger family (from Folger's coffee, what my mom drank) both come from Nantucket island? So did Benjamin Franklin's mother. Suzanne says it's amazing how many families we've heard of who have roots in this little piece of land off the Massachusetts coast.

In this episode, we talk about the island's interesting history, and the strong women who lived there and took care of business while their whaling husbands were away for a year or more at a time. The history and research Suzanne shares is fascinating. Her latest book, The Light Before Day, is the third in the Nantucket Legacy series.

You can contact her on her website, SuzanneWoodsFisher.com, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as Suzanne Woods Fisher.


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