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107E – Planted, Not Buried

Sometimes we feel stuck. Maybe a little, like walking in a bog. Maybe a lot, like waist-deep. Maybe we sometimes even feel we're totally buried, cold, in the dark, alone.

Imagine, though, that you're not buried but…planted. Like a seed that gets planted in the spring, maybe this is a very temporary season, one which will soon show signs of life as the seed breaks down and a plant springs up. But even if this time in your life is like a bulb planted in the fall, with a long, cold winter ahead, remember that something beautiful can come out of it!

I've seen crocuses pushing up through the hard late winter ground, certain that it's nearly spring despite the snowbanks around them. They are an amazing and beautiful sight!

Wherever you're at in life – or wherever a friend or loved one seems to be at – there is hope! Even if it seems like we're buried by the circumstances of our life, we have the potential to see something beautiful grow from it in the future. That's definitely encouraging! 😀


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