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112E – Why Are You Doing This?

Some things stick in your head and you can't stop thinking about them. That's what happened to me this week with a Michael, Jr. YouTube video. He's a comedian, and he was explaining to a group how it's different to know what you're doing, to be good at something, versus being good at it and knowing why you're doing it. Here's the video if you want to watch. (It starts about 9 minutes in.)


I was thinking about my own experiences as a writer as I listened to this, and I couldn't stop thinking about the why. This is a popular topic in online marketing right now, but I want you to really take this to the deepest level you can go and ask yourself, Why am I taking time away from family, friends, rest, play, and other important things in my life to sit down and write?

Whatever your answer is, what's the why behind that? And the why behind that?

Eventually you are going to hit your bedrock reason for writing, the very foundation from which you create. Even if you think you know your reason already, if it's been awhile ask the why questions again and see if the answer is still the same. Over time, it may shift a bit and it's good for you to keep track of the real reason you're doing this.

Because once you are certain of your why, your words will become far more powerful and effective.


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