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114E – Preparation

Advent is here, and many people around the world are preparing for Christmas! Others are preparing for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and New Year's Eve. Families are making plans to get together, to bake a lot, cook a lot, shop a lot. There's a lot going on this month!

In addition to the holiday planning, many of us are beginning to consider our goals for 2019 – writing goals, health goals, business and relationship and financial goals. But what do we need to do to prepare to make those goals into reality?

Writing down our plans – whether it's a meal menu or writing goals for next year – is an important first step. But it needs to go farther. If you don't buy the items for the meal, you can't make it. If you don't write down the steps you'll need to take to make your goals a reality, not much will happen.

Preparation of our hearts for the holidays is important to really experience them the way we want to. And preparation to make our dreams into goals, and our goals into reality is also important! I hope you take the time to prepare…and enjoy it in peace and joy. 😀


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