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126I – Anatomy of a Mystery: An Interview with Jennifer Dornbush

Forensic specialist Jennifer Dornbush is back on the show! You may remember her talking to us about how to turn a movie into a novel back in September. This time she's helping us understand how to plot out a mystery, thriller, suspense, or crime story.

Jennifer has a couple of acronyms that will help us build a foundation for our story. She also shows us one surprising element that's in nearly every mystery, thriller, suspense or crime story – but I'd never thought about it. Then she explains all the different kinds of evidence you might have in your story. We even have an interesting discussion about creating red herrings.

If you're a pantser, don't worry! Jennifer gives you the three items you need to start your story even if you don't yet know where you're going. In fact, she reminds us that real life detectives are pantsers! They don't know what happened either. 😀

Sign up for Jennifer's newsletter and get a crime story masterclass for free. Her website has lots of additional resources, too, and links to her books including Forensic Speak: How to Write Realistic Crime Dramas as well as book one in her mystery series, The Coroner.


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