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Breaking All the Rules: An Interview with Samuel Parker


Today's guest is Samuel Parker, a suspense/thriller writer talking to us today about his latest book, Border Son.

I really enjoyed this story, possibly because it wasn't the “usual” type of suspense book I'm used to. Samuel says it's not the usual build-up-and-crescendo-three-times kind of structure. He sees the scenes and writes to those, often something simple but building in intensity.

Samuel tells a story about walking across the border from the United States to Mexico, how scared he was, and what happened. And then being able to put all that tension and emotion into the story. His style isn't to over-describe, either. Rather than focusing on the stain on the wall or the knots in the wood, he focuses on the feeling you get when you walk this way or smell that.

When asked about his writing process, Samuel laughs and says this is probably something others shouldn't follow but…he doesn't have a writing schedule. He doesn't write every day. He pursued it as a job at one point, and he didn't enjoy it as work. So this is the thing he loves to do around another full-time job.

I actually think this is a great idea for people who might feel or have felt the same way! I'm taking a break doing that myself, writing where I can around a temporary full-time job. 😀

Learn more about Samuel and his books at SamuelParkerBooks.com, and follow him on Facebook.


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