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Cowriting the End of a Series: An Interview with Melissa Kosci


Today's guest is Melissa Kosci, co-author of the new suspense book, A Dream Within a Dream, cowritten with Mike Nappa.

Melissa tells us how she came to be cowriter of a series that already had two books in it, and what it was like to help finish telling the story. (I read book one of the Coffey & Hill series, Annabel Lee, and didn't realize A Dream Within a Dream was the end of the same series. Exciting! I loved Annabel Lee!) MIke Nappa is a big Edgar Allen Poe fan, as you can tell in the book titles.

We talk about the cowriting process, similarities and differences to how Melissa writes on her own, writing under a pen name, and much more.

You can find her website and her social media accounts under the name Melissa Koslin. http://melissakoslin.com/


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