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Even Superman Had a Day Job: An Interview with Margaret Ethridge


Today's guest is Margaret Ethridge, author of Contentment and Commitment, who also writes as Maggie Wells, author of Love Game and Play Dates.

Margaret likes to write about life choices, and she often uses her own life as a jumping off point for ideas. For instance, she loves college football, so she created a college sports series called Love Games. She met and married a single dad, which gave her ideas to write the single dad series, Play Dates.

“People make choices or things happen that we don't plan for,” she says. She likes the romances that come about in unexpected ways, and she likes to write about those things.

Although many writers can't wait to quit their day job and write full-time, Margaret gives a talk about the reasons why many writers will continue to work a day job or at least a side hustle in addition to their writing. And why that is perfectly okay.

Listen to Margaret as she shares some advice that works for her – as well as some “do as I say, not as I did” advice. 🙂 And be encouraged that what you need to do is simply what works for you.


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