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Fantasy and Role Playing Games: An Interview with James R Hannibal


Today's guest is James R Hannibal, returning to share with us the story of how he purchased the rights to DragonRaid, a role playing game, and not only prepared to reissue it with a new name — LightRaiders — but also decided to write a book series around it.

Wolf Soldier, book one in the series, is about the band of young adventurers who rekindle the Lightraider Order and have to travel to the Dragon Lands to battle to save their homeland.

James tells us all about the process, including the many other people involved — collaborative storytelling at its finest! They even created a language to go with the new game!

Learn more about James, his books, and the LightRaiders game at https://jamesrhannibal.com/ and https://lightraiders.com/.


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