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How to Write for Hallmark: An Interview with Leigh Duncan


Today's guest is Leigh Duncan, author of Hallmark's first contemporary romance series. The first two books are already available, A Simple Wedding and A Cottage Wedding, set in the town of Heart's Landing. A Waterfront Wedding will be released in April 2021.

She tells us how she got started with Hallmark Publishing – and how you can, too! Sweet romance is more than just no sex. Leigh explains what Hallmark is looking for in their books. There is so much great advice here if this is a publisher you want to pursue! This is an episode you'll want to listen to with a notepad and pen.

You can find out more about Leigh and her books at her website https://leighduncan.com/ and she's on social media as leighduncanbooks. Leigh loves to hear from readers and writers, so reach out!


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