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One Literary Agent’s Take on Publishing: An Interview with Sara Megibow


Today's guest is Sara Megibow, an agent at kt Literary in Colorado. While Sara is quick to point out that many of the things we discuss can be gross over-generalizations, and her thoughts and opinions on agenting are her own and not a guide for what all agents think, this is a great interview full of helpful information for just about all writers.

Many people ask Sara how publishing has changed in the last few years with the market disruptions caused by digital publishing. But we go back to the 1920s, and even earlier, talking about the many market disruptions over the years and how publishing has constantly adjusted.

Sara shares some market data (mostly US-based), how some of this data affects a few particular genres, explains what each individual writer needs to ask themselves before they make decisions based on the information they learn, how submission works (and how to submit to her), writing a good query letter, and so much more!

Some of the websites Sara mentions include:

Manuscript Wishlist


AAR Online

SFWA's Writers Beware

Writer's Digest Successful Queries

Evil Editor

Query Shark

Follow Sara on Twitter, and find her submission guidelines including her email address on the agency's website.


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