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One Man’s Take on Romantic Comedies: An Interview with Rich Amooi


Our guest today is romantic comedy author, Rich Amooi. He's been obsessed with romantic comedies since the 1980s, watching When Harry Met Sally, Say Anything, and other films with great quirky dialogue.

Rich's new book, Dying to Meet You, is his 14th romantic comedy novel. In our interview, he talks about where he got the ideas for some of his books, his writing process, and how he introduces the hero and heroine in most cases – and lots more!

We have a fun conversation about how Rich went from a career as a radio DJ to a rom-com writer, and what it's like to have two writers in the house. (His wife, Silvi Martin, is also a published author.)

You can get a romantic comedy novella (not available for sale) when you sign up for Rich's newsletter. Find more information on his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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