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A Perspective of Gratitude: An Encouraging Words Episode


There are times when I'm thinking about or talking about something happening in my life and I mention what didn't go well, and I wonder if I'm complaining. I'm often happy with and grateful for the bigger picture of the topic even though there are areas that I wish were different. It could be my hair or my writing or my vacation. In general, I'm happy with all those things…but I mention the parts I didn't like…and I worry I might be getting into a bad habit of complaining.

Of course there are lots of things we wish were different, but if we can stay focused on the good things and all we are grateful for, it will help us to keep a healthy perspective. And a positive outlook does amazing things for helping our minds to think up new and creative solutions! So that's a bonus!

I hope this Encouraging Words episode has helped you to feel good about yourself and your life today! 😀


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