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Planting and Harvesting: An Encouraging Words Episode


After eating some of the most delicious strawberries since last summer, I got to thinking about harvests – how grateful I am for the harvest of fruit in its natural season rather than that grown off-season in a greenhouse – and about the harvests in our own lives.

In order to have a harvest, you need to plant. What am I planting in my life, and what will that yield in the end? In my personal life, the thoughts I plant – or let someone else plant – become beliefs, and those lead to a harvest of behaviors. In my professional life, I need to plant by writing books, water the plants by publishing them, and harvest the plants by marketing and selling the books.

What do we want to harvest? In order to see if we'll get what we're hoping for, we need to look and see what we're planting and tending in our gardens.


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