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Story or Die: An Interview with Lisa Cron


Today's guest is the wonderful Lisa Cron sharing with us about her new book, Story or Die: How to Use Brain Science to Engage, Persuade, and Change Minds in Business and in Life.

While Lisa's previous books, Wired For Story and Story Genius, were aimed more at writers, Story or Die is for everyone who is trying to understand someone else — whether a potential customer or a neighbor — and persuade them to change how they think and act.

Lisa loves talking about story and her passion overflows to her listeners. There is so much to learn here about how we think and how we can influence others. Think about your readers when you're listening, as well as other people you do business with or live with or interact with in any way.

Learn more about Lisa and her books at her website, http://wiredforstory.com/​, or connect with her on Twitter, @LisaCron.


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