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The Editing Team: An Interview with Elysia Whisler and Sara Megibow


In the second of five episodes all about editing, debut author Elysia Whisler and her agent Sara Megibow join us to discuss all of the aspects of editing from the author to the agent to the editor at the publishing house.

Elysia tells us about her writing journey, and how Rescue You became her first published novel (although it's not the first book she's written). She and Sara explain all the stages of editing from the self-editing a writer does before submitting all the way through the process to the finished, published book. They share a ton of tips useful to most any writer, whatever you write, wherever you're at in the journey.

Rescue You is available wherever books are sold in ebook and print, as well as in audio. Learn more about Elysia, her upcoming books, and get links to follow her at her website, https://www.elysiawhisler.com/. You can learn more about Sara and how to submit to her at the agency's website, http://ktliterary.com/. Or follow her on Twitter, @SaraMegibow.


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