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Understanding Life Through Story: An Interview with Susie Finkbeiner


Today's guest is Susie Finkbeiner, author of the new novel, Stories That Bind Us.

We have an interesting discussion on when writing can be a healthy escape for us, and when it's an avoidance tactic keeping us from dealing with our own issues. Writing is a great way to process life, and we want to help our readers do the same.

Susie talks about the difference between vulnerability and weakness, saying it's okay to be sensitive. After all, we're trying to make our readers feel, so of course we need to be able to feel our emotions too. We want our words to not only thrill our readers, but impact their lives. In this way, writing fiction can be a noble pursuit.

To learn more about Susie and her books, visit her website at https://susiefinkbeiner.com/ and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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