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Values Planning in 2022: An Interview with Susan May Warren


Bestselling author Susan May Warren joins us again to help writers and other creatives understand how to plan a new year of accomplishments in a way that works best for each one of us, individually.

She tells us how she developed My Brilliant Writing Planner and explains the many ways we can use it to have a more creative and productive and joyful year. The planner is not a compilation of weekly To Do lists, she says, but a way of choosing what is most important to you based on your own values in life.

Learn more about My Brilliant Writing Planner and get one of your own at https://www.mybrilliantwritingplanner.com/. Go to Novel Academy to find out about all the resources Susie May has for writers including courses and a membership group, https://novel.academy/. And at her writer's website, you can check out all of her books across multiple genres, including the new series under the David James Warren pen name, https://www.susanmaywarren.com/. Follow her on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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