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When I Think of Snow – An Encouraging Words Episode


I had a really crappy week this past week. Lots of good moments, but days that kept ending in stress and disappointment and frustration. By the end of the week, I was a bit of a wreck…which was no good since I was finally going to be enjoying some time with friends Friday night.

I kept thinking that I just needed to think of something that makes me happy, or think of some things I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for A LOT but I couldn't think of anything as I took the wrong bus to our friends' house. Until I remembered the forecast said it might snow overnight. That made me smile. It hasn't snowed here in over a year and I've been waiting and watching.

Then it made me giggle a little that the hope of snow was the thing that made me smile after a long week. I hope you are looking for and finding something that will make you smile when you're stuck in a pit of frustration. It helps! 🙂


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