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Worldbuilding with Royalty: An Interview with Rachel Hauck


Today's guest is bestselling author Rachel Hauck. Her newest book, To Love a Prince, came out in August and is book one in her new True Blue Royal series.

Rachel has 30+ books out, and has taught dozens of writers how to improve their craft. From this perspective, we talk about worldbuilding in stories, whether contemporary or historical, in real places or fictional ones.

Since Rachel has so many books about royalty, I asked her to explain how she creates new countries with princes and princesses that sound real and believable. She goes into detail about all the things she researched in order to develop new countries with real problems. She also talks about turning the story upside down – like when she created the wedding chapel that never had any weddings, or the first prince in history who was left at the altar.

There is an enormous amount of advice in this episode and plenty of tips no matter what kind of stories you write!

You can find out more about Rachel and her books at her website, https://www.rachelhauck.com/, where you can also find all of her social media handles.


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