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Writing Books in a Series: An Interview with Amanda Cabot and Leigh Duncan


Bestselling authors Amanda Cabot and Leigh Duncan return as our guests to talk about writing a series. We talk about the difference between continuing character series and connected character series and how you might choose which one will work best for your story.

Amanda and Leigh also talk about the kinds of information they collect and create to write a series, from character sheets to maps to floor plans to full-fledged story bibles.

You can learn more about Amanda, her books, and her social media links at her website, http://amandacabot.com/. Her novella collection, Brides of the Old West, is available for pre-order and will be released on September 14, 2021.

Learn more about Leigh and her books at https://leighduncan.com/. Her new Sugar Sand Beach series is available through Kindle Unlimited or for purchase on Amazon. Follow her at leighduncanbooks on Facebook and Instagram.


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