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Writing What You Love: An Interview with Cassidy Carter


Today's guest is Cassidy Carter, whose new book, Love on Location, just came out with Hallmark Publishing. Hallmark is all about sweet romance, usually with some humor on the side, and Cassidy definitely delivers.

Cassidy tells us about her writing journey, starting at Carina Press, taking a break with her children, then coming back with a slightly different genre at Hallmark. She's happy to be exclusively with them, and hopes to add another genre to her repertoire – cozy mysteries.

During our conversation, she gave us some great writing tips including making your secondary characters as real and three-dimensional as the main characters. She also talked about her research, which included such hard work as camping with her family and watching hours of her favorite reality TV shows. 😀 Cassidy is living proof that researching your topic can be valuable without being boring or expensive.

As always in Hallmark books, there is a great recipe at the end of Love on Location, one of Cassidy's favorites. (I'm planning on trying it, too!)

Cassidy is most active on Twitter, and can also be reached through her website and Facebook.


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