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Writing Murder and Mayhem


Our guest today, Natalie Walters, has just published her second romantic suspense novel, Deadly Deceit, the followup to Living Lies. We have an enthusiastic conversation about scary movies, where to hide the bodies, and finding story ideas in your own life.

Natalie finds brainstorming to be the most fun part of writing. While usually a plotter, sometimes she brainstorms the main character first and sometimes it's the situation. For Deadly Deceit, she was excited to come up with the method of murder first.

We spend some time discussing suspension of disbelief in books and movies, and the questions that writers ask themselves in order to keep readers believing that the situation could really happen. Natalie suggests reaching out to fellow writers to ask them for contacts to interview to make sure your characters and situations are as realistic as possible.

You can find Natalie on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and all of her social media links can be found on her website.


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