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Writing to Make People Happy: An Interview with Hilary Galanoy


Today's guest is screenwriter Hilary Galanoy, co-writer with Elizabeth Hackett of the Netflix romantic comedies Love, Guaranteed and Falling Inn Love. (Note: You MUST watch the Disclaimer at the end of Love, Guaranteed – it's hysterical!)

Hilary shares with us how she and her partner and friend work together to write their screenplays, how their process works, and how others do it differently. She tells the story of how actress and producer, Rachel Leigh Cook, came up with the idea for Love, Guaranteed. And she talks about the Covid rewrite of Hilary and Liz's Hallmark movie, My Best Friend's Bouquet, so that most of the film could be made outside with social distancing in place.

There are lots of writing tips scattered throughout interesting stories of twenty years of writing with your best friend, so be sure to take notes. And don't be afraid to go watch all of their movies in the name of research!

You can find Hilary on her website at https://hilarygalanoy.com/, on Twitter as @drunchmenu, and on Instagram as @hgalanoy.


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