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Writing with Deeper Meaning: An Interview with Davis Bunn


Today's guest is award-winning and bestselling author, Davis Bunn. His newest book, Burden of Proof, just released this week and it is awesome!

Davis talks to us today about a lot of things – how his career has evolved over the years, how his two writing names (Davis Bunn and Thomas Locke) may become joined together because of his work in film (or they may not), how publishers are looking at what it takes to be a successful author right now, and much more.

But then we spend some time talking about how to take an idea that is so special to you that you're afraid to ruin it, and how you can become transformed through faith and mediation to let go of ego and allow yourself to grow beyond your comfort zone. When you can learn to go beyond yourself and connect to something much deeper, tap into a deeper creativity, your writing can become transformative, for yourself and for your readers.

Be sure to listen to the end to learn the best advice on research I've ever heard!

You can learn more about Davis and his books at davisbunn.com and tlocke.com/ as well as at http://bakerpublishinggroup.com/authors/davis-bunn/689. Follow him on Facebook as Davis Bunn Author.


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