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He Is Risen! Happy Easter!

White Flower near Christian CrossHappy Easter, my friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a beautiful and blessed Easter. He is risen, He is risen indeed!

John and I had an unexpectedly relaxing day yesterday. We slept amazingly well – which is always the goal and yet still a pleasant surprise when it happens – and both woke up in this wonderfully fun mood. We were going to sit down and work on our stories, but something came up in a conversation about comics and we made an unexpected trip to Ryan’s Comics in Murrieta.

What a fun time we had! I went through the $1 comic bins looking for comic series that I’m not familiar with to try one or two issues, looking for the kinds of stories I like. We met Ryan, the owner, and the three of us had a great time talking about the best comic book stories, what John and I should try, and all kinds of other geeky things. John found out they’re going to have a 24-hour gaming day next Saturday, April 11, so he’s happy to be going to that. And I promised I’d send brownies in with him. (Haha! The only thing I make that is great.)

Then we rented Interstellar and Annie from Redbox. We saw Interstellar last night. Very well done, very interesting, very cerebral, but a couple things in the overall philosophy that didn’t jive, so we decided it was just okay. (I can’t even tell you what it was because it would totally give away the story.) We’ll try to get home in time tonight to watch Annie, which should be fun and much more straightforward. (Haha!) 😀

We’re so happy to be driving to Los Angeles to go to our own church, Bel Air Presbyterian, instead of watching church streaming live on the Internet. We get to hug our friends, and talk-talk-talk, and go out to lunch. It’s going to be wonderful! I can hardly wait!

Anyway, that’s been our Easter weekend. I hope yours is just as wonderful! Lots of love and hugs and prayers to you and yours. 🙂

WONDER-ful Weekend

My husband John took me to my first comic book convention - I loved it!

My husband John took me to my first comic book convention – I loved it!

I had computer problems most of last week (a ton of problems with importing photos into WordPress), which is why I couldn’t tell you until now – What a great weekend we had last weekend!

On Saturday, we went to WonderCon. My first ever comic book convention. It was weird and cool and fun. I was surprised at how many actors were there signing autographs. The actor who played Chewbacca was there, and I said hi Lou Ferrigno, too.

But I was even more surprised by how many authors were there! John suggested I talk to them and ask about their experience there, see if having a table at WonderCon is something I should consider (since my book, Unexpected Superhero, comes out this month). I hadn’t thought of that (having never been to a Con and not knowing what to expect) so I didn’t bring any more business cards other than the few in my wallet.

Kitty Bucholtz with Tom King

Author Tom King and me. He has a really cool superhero novel out called A ONCE CROWDED SKY. Of course, I had to buy it for my birthday!

Altogether it turned out well. Nearly everyone I talked to was very encouraging – though I was trying not to be embarrassed about looking like a newbie instead of a professional. 😛 (I really didn’t think there would be very many authors there! I didn’t think I needed business cards! Note to self: take them even if you don’t think you’ll hand them out!)

There were so many people dressed up in costumes that ran the gamut from homemade looks that I couldn’t figure out to expensive super-serious renditions of popular characters. Everywhere you looked, there was something interesting to see. Check out this young woman in a Dalek dress. She looked amazing! And there were sooo many young men dressed as Doctor Who – one or two who even looked quite like the actor Matt Smith.

A Dalek dress - so cool!

A Dalek dress – so cool!

Me and Wall-E. The robot handler was off to the side making him interact with people. Sometimes he'd let Wall-E sit quietly so it would surprise people when he started to move!

Me and Wall-E. The robot handler was off to the side making him interact with people. Sometimes he’d let Wall-E sit quietly for awhile so it would surprise people when he started to move!

Easter at the Hollywood Bowl 2013

Easter at the Hollywood Bowl 2013

Then on Sunday, we drove up to LA again to go to Easter services with our friends at the Hollywood Bowl. Our church and some other churches have been renting it out every year for nearly a decade. It’s such a fun experience combining churches for a day – several pastors, a 200-voice choir, a big praise band, kids singing, the Hallelujah Chorus at the end. This year we got to see quite a few of our friends that we hadn’t seen in a long time, as well as spending the whole day with Jill, Karen, and Dwight.

Karen, Jill, Kitty, and John after Easter services at the Hollywood Bowl

Karen, Jill, Kitty, and John after Easter services at the Hollywood Bowl

It’s usually quite hot by Easter, and everyone is trying really hard not to get a sunburn. But since Easter was in March this year, the weather was perfect – in the 60s, passing clouds, a few chilly breezes in otherwise perfect temperatures. I only got the tiniest bit of sun above the neckline of my dress. Whew! Jill and I burn like toast so we thought it was an even more perfect Easter just for not being hot and sunburned. LOL!

Altogether, it was a wonderful weekend! The perfect end to my birthday week. 🙂

New Beginnings

It’s the day after Easter – Christ has risen! Easter always reminds me that I have a new life now. One that is neither overwhelmed by guilt nor glittery on the outside but empty on the inside. Since it’s also the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s easy to remember how beautiful and exciting a new life can be!

A blatant example of that excitement is moving into a new home – which we’re doing TODAY! Yay!! It’s a new beginning, a new town, a new job for John – new nearly everything! I can’t wait to hand over our check and get our shiny new keys. Then it will be official!

It seems to me that any opportunity to have a new beginning is an opportunity to grow in faith, in joy, in wisdom and knowledge, and in love. We get a new beginning every morning, every week and month and year. Every season comes to us new and full of promise and opportunity, whether the season is of the earth, like spring, or in our lives, like another move.

I’m taking some time today to just sit and smile and be happy with the great gifts in my life. 🙂 There are a lot of things I still need that I don’t yet know how I’ll get. Money’s tight right now, but that is another new opportunity for me – the opportunity to see what God and I can do in my career now that I really need, and not just want, to earn more money.

I’m excited! What kinds of new beginnings are you finding? I hope you find excitement and joy in your life this week!