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Authors and Bookstores

August 16, 2011

Now this is interesting, an author opening a bookstore. Nothing all that unusual about that idea many years ago before the rise of the conquering big chain bookstore. But it's surprising today in a world where the independent shop (of any kind) is shutting down more often than starting up.

Ann Patchett gives hometown the gift of books


Perhaps part of the reason I'm so excited and interested in this article is that it gives hope that times are changing for the better. This year two of my favorite used books stores have closed their doors. I told both of them, if only I could be their patron and pay their rent so they could stay open!

But the fact that, while some independent bookstores are closing, others are opening gives me hope that the cycle is turning around. Perhaps the changes in publishing, particularly electronic publishing, will open new doors for the smaller stores. The larger corporations often can't make changes as quickly as the smaller shops, and while it's terrible that people lose their jobs when large companies do poorly or close, it's also almost always a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.

I think exciting times are ahead, and I look forward to seeing what brilliant individuals will do next!


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