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Melissa T Wins “Be a Character in My Superhero Book” Contest!

February 24, 2014

Big Chin Superhero
© Kenny Kiernan, www.clipartmascots.com

Thank you to everyone to who entered my “Be a Character in My Superhero Book” contest! There were lots of entries and so many cute ideas for characters. I'm glad it wasn't a contest where I had to choose the best one because I wouldn't have been able to choose just one. LOL!

As promised, I used the random number generator on Random.org to choose the winner. The lucky number was 8. I went down the list of entries and found the eighth one and the winner is –


Melissa, who also goes by Mel, said her character can be called Amazing, because that's what her friends call her. Then she added a wink smiley. 😉 Okay, Melissa, you got it! And because the name has a positive connotation, I'm going to name one of the minor superheroes or a superhero wannabe MelAmazing!

Because there were so many good entries, I couldn't help myself, I clicked the random number generator button again! The next lucky number was 1. And the first person to enter the contest was –

JERRY M FROM WYOMING! (I think Wyoming, I know it's somewhere in the West!)

Jerry has the nickname Skunk because of his white hair patch. Perfect name for a bad guy's second-in-command, don't you think? If that's okay with you, Jerry, I'd love to name him Skunk!

And because I just couldn't not hit the button again, a third number came up! Number 6. And the sixth entry was –


Brionica also goes by Brie or B. One of my superheroes, Hayley, owns a nursery – which makes sense because her power is over plants. Her assistant manager has become an important part of Hayley's business with lots of great ideas. And she just might start suspecting Hayley is Green Thumb in this book or the next. The assistant manager's new name is Brie!

YAY!!! This was so fun! I hope you all enjoyed it, whether you won this time or not. I've decided to run this contest for the next superhero book, too. That one will be out in November. I'll again pick three winners to be minor characters in the book. To be eligible for the contest, be sure to sign up for my newsletter here on the right.

(A reminder: the only reason they have to be minor characters is because I need to be careful not to get sued for having “your name” do something awful. 🙂 I happen to know Jerry/Skunk, so I think he'll be fine with his namesake being a bad guy – but not a villain! – but I'll still get written permission from all of the winners.)

CONGRATULATIONS, WINNERS! 😀 Look for your names in Superhero in the Making coming out in April!


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