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More of the Same and Everything Different

October 22, 2012

What a few weeks it's been! I finished my book, UNEXPECTED HERO, and sent it off at the last possible moment last week. Then took a couple days off to sleep, watch movies (and refill my creative well), and hang out with John. Then it was back to work trying to come up with a new story for a romantic suspense line.

That one is due Thursday! Eeek!

The weather finally turned beautiful and I was so happy that I could think straight. Then it got hot again and I had to hide in the library or sit in front of the fan (hard to read that way, but not impossible) in order to keep from overheating. Looks like it just might stay cool enough for me to think so I can make this deadline.

Then I have to finish those short story edits, and get one more polish on the superhero story to send off to my editor, all by November 1. Just in time to begin 30 days of craziness as hundreds of thousands of people from around the world attempt to write a novel (or at least 50,000 words of one) in one month. And while I'm doing that, I have to do one last edit on LITTLE MISS LOVESICK so I can have it out in paperback in December.

Double eek!

So even though I have quite a few different projects and deadlines, it looks like in some ways it's just more of the same from the last few weeks: write as fast as I can and try to hit these timing marks.

I'll try to make time to tell you interesting things along the way, but if what you get out of it is blubbering rubbish, it might mean my brain is overheating. If you smell smoke, please do not turn the fire extinguisher on me! LOL!

I did think of one fun thing to share with you. Starting Friday this week, I'm going to add a post called “Netflix Picks” each week. Have you ever wondered if there are any good movies on Netflix? I'll let you know what I've found. 🙂 See you then!


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