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The Joy of Finishing a Race

October 15, 2012

No, not a footrace. Not this time. Today my joy comes from knowing that I said I would polish my superhero book and send it to Harper Voyager during their open submission window. The window closed at midnight Sunday and I submitted my book at 10:15pm.


I worked 5-16 hours a day (mostly 8-12 hrs) for the last two weeks moving scenes around, finding plot holes, fixing problems, and tweaking word choices. Whew! But the book is GOOD! Really good! I cried writing the second to last scene!

So here's the way it works. The publisher says to wait three months for them to contact you if they like your book. If you don't hear from them, they aren't interested. That gives me till mid-January to give it to my editor for one more polish, create a book cover, and consider all the tasks on my self-publishing checklist.

If Harper Voyager doesn't take the book (it may or may not be right for them; they published Game of Thrones, after all), then YOU will be able to buy the book in February! Yay!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a long-awaited date with my bed. I'm exhausted, but so so happy! Thanks for enjoying my excitement! 🙂


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