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Super Rush

October 1, 2012

I am sooo happy to say I am sitting in an air-conditioned room writing madly away on my  superhero romantic comedy! Yay!! I'm going to try to send it out to a publisher by October 14th, the deadline for submissions.

I also worked on edits for the other anthology I'm going to be in later this year. (The first anthology, Romancing the Pages, came out in late August. My story in that one is also part of the superhero world I'm writing in now.)

Can't write much right now to catch you up on anything else (nothing interesting enough that you'll be upset I didn't tell you – ha, ha, ha!) because I have to get back to my awesome fun superhero couple! Still lots left to do.

But I will take time out for an ice cream break with John. 🙂 Hope you take a moment to stop in your busy life and have a summery treat, too!


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