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Tired but Happy

June 14, 2011

It is 12:54am on my friend's DVD player clock. California time. I am awake. Exhausted but awake. My computer says it's 5:54pm Sydney time. I think this is why I'm awake.

The part of me that's exhausted after 72-ish hours of fighting jet lag is grumpy. I don't do well on less than seven hours of sleep a night, and I've been getting four to five, tops. But the grumpiness is so overwhelmed by the SHEER JOY of seeing friends, going to my RWA writer's group (with much hugging), going to my home church (with much hugging), and getting ready for an annual writer's retreat followed by the RWA National Conference in New York City (enter much, MUCH hugging!) that I'm trying to be chill about the fact that I can barely put a sentence together at various times of the day.  🙂

I've tried all the tips and tricks for jet lag and it's not working fast enough for me. Tonight I'm trying my own idea. I've been waking up at 1am for the last few nights, whether I went to bed at 9pm or 11pm, and I've been unable to get back to sleep until after 5am. So I decided I'd stay awake till 1am tonight (this morning?) and see if I can sleep the rest of the night.

Oh look! The clock just turned over to 1:01am. Time to try to get some sleep. Even with that stupid bird singing outside the window. Is he from Sydney, too? Sigh. That's okay, I'll just keep focusing on how great it is to be doing all these writerly things now that I'm done with my degree!!!



<<wild clapping>>


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