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Trends and Definitions in YA and Paranormal

May 27, 2011

One of my favorite things is sharing new information with others.  🙂  Here are some links that have been passed on to me through various lists and groups I'm a part of.

Author/agent Mandy Hubbard has a great post on trends in middle grade and young adult fiction. She talked to a lot of editors and shares with us what the editors are looking for.

I can't remember which post I originally started reading on Romancing the Genres, but I enjoyed and found useful information in Writing Young Adult with Light Paranormal Elements, Do You Remember Your First Time (a post about YA), a post on the differences between Steampunk and Paranormal, and Dystopia.

At Teach Me Tonight, Sarah S. G. Frantz shares this definition of paranormal romance.

I enjoyed reading this interview with Noa Wheeler, an editor at Henry Holt Books for Young Readers.

Agent Rachelle Gardner talks about the trend toward self-publishing ebooks and its effects on readers. It's a view I haven't read before.

If you're interested in creating a web site or blog, or writing for other sites, read this article for tips on how to write better for the web.

Finally, my favorite find from this last week – an article by science fiction writer Philip K. Dick called How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later. I loved this article! It's long, but so inspiring! It's a hopeful and humorous take on why he writes and what he's learned from the process. This article really made me want to read some of his books and it really made me want to go write some more!

Okay, there are some of my favorite Internet finds over the last week or so. I hope some of them are helpful and useful to you! Have a great weekend!


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