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Two More Days of Homework Left

June 5, 2011

I've completed the homework for two of my final three classes in my master's degree. Now I just have to finish the big 15,000-word assignment. I'm having fun figuring out what kinds of spells and magic Trista is being forced to learn and use, and how she's fighting the Guardians without openly defying them. It's been fun – despite the fact that the clock is ticking.

My brain has done all it can on the magic front today. (It's Sunday evening here in Sydney.) I'm going to go finish packing so I can work on my assignment all day tomorrow and Tuesday. Then one way or another, no matter how good or bad it is, I have to print my last assignment before I go to bed Tuesday night. I can guarantee that one way I'm going to celebrate is with gelato Wednesday at Gelatomassi in Newtown. Yum! Bitter Dark Chocolate, that's my flavor of choice.

So I'll go finish my packing so I'm ready to fly the U.S. on Friday morning. The one good thing about the trip following on the heels of my last class is that I should be able to sleep on the plane for a change. I'm already exhausted and I still have four more days of classes to go. And Thursday night's class is going to the pub afterward to celebrate. Yeah, I think I'll be sleeping fine during that 14-hour flight.

Then the only thing that will be stressing me out is trying to remember to drive on the right side of the road for a few weeks! LOL!


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