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May 1, 2011

Welcome to my new blog and web site! I'll be sharing here about my journey as both a writer and a human being. When I find information I think you might find useful, I'll post it here with applicable web links. And I hope to make you laugh and gasp when I share bits of my writing.  🙂

Today I want to share a few articles for writers that I've read over the last week or so. Agent Kristin Nelson wrote about some of the biggest culprits in weak writing. Author Sharla Rae explores flabby writing including examples and how to turn the flab into lean writing. Good stuff, both of them.

Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware wrote a great explanation of the “interminable agency clause” and why you should avoid it. Agent Jennifer Laughran has a great post on agency agreements as a follow-up to chatter after Kristin Nelson's post about the “in perpetuity” language in those agreements.

Over the next several months I'll share what I learn about the pros and cons of self-publishing ebooks. And at some point, I'm going to have to make a stand – is a master's degree in creative writing worth it? Six more weeks left of school, then I'll see if it makes any difference on my career path. (Quick answer: I think it will make a positive difference, but I'm not sure how much yet.)

I'll do my best to make sure my posts – both serious and silly – have a take away value for you. I hope you enjoy walking with me on the journey!


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