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Win a Free Book!

December 3, 2012


Look at this fun event one of my fellow Romance Writers of America chapter mates is doing! She's hosting a whole month of book giveaways and Little Miss Lovesick is on the list!

This next Sunday, December 9, my book and a couple of others will be listed on Lex's 30 Days of Christmas. If you comment on that post (not this one) before midnight Pacific Time that day, you could win a copy of each of those books! Sweet!

Because romance is such a wide genre, Lex has grouped the authors/books so that you can check out her site on the days she is giving away the kind of books you like. For instance, the days that will feature books about male/female romances are Dec 6, 8, 9 (that's me!), 11, 13, 14, 19, 23, 24, 27, 29, and 30. The other days will have a variety of other types of romances.

The heat level (amount of sex, etc. if you're not a big romance reader) will vary. I know the authors on my day and their books are probably closer to the “sweeter” side like Little Miss Lovesick as opposed to say, erotica or erotic romance. (Again for non-romance readers, my book has “sensual” scenes but no sex scenes.)

So check out Lex's 30 Days of Christmas – especially on the 9th! – and you might win some free books for your ereader!

Don't have an ereader? You can order a print copy of my book here! And later this month, I will have a buy link here on my web site so that you can purchase autographed copies of Little Miss Lovesick for yourself or to give as gifts! Yay!


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