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Writer’s Retreat

June 16, 2011

I'm so excited! Not only am I finally beginning to get some sleep after some awful jet lag for the past week, but today I go to my favorite writer's retreat for the weekend!! Woo-hoo!!!

A bunch of people who attended Lauraine Snelling‘s Fiction Intensive at her house in the mountains north of Los Angeles now get together every year for Reunion Weekend. I won't get to see everyone this year due to health, finances, and other commitments, but I'll still get to see a lot of people.

I'm so excited! It's been a week since school ended and I'm now feeling awake enough to want to hurry and get back into my stories. Of course, one of the biggest challenges of the weekend will be deciding which of the two stories that I was working on during the last year and a half of school is the one I'll work on and finish first.

But I'm going to be totally late if I don't hurry up and pack! Woo-hooooo!!


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