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Netflix Picks: House of Cards

November 8, 2013

House of CardsI feel like it's practically too late to post my thoughts on the Netflix original series House of Cards since it already had all the hype during the awards season.

I'll tell you this about it: the first episode drew me in. I was intrigued by the intrigue at the White House.


It began to get very sexual, very quickly. Not that interesting to me. The screen time became more and more about who was sleeping with whom and why, and less about the original issues that were interesting at the start.


The sexual nature became more degrading. I had to look away from the screen more often to keep from taking in the parts I didn't want to see. Since it was never on network television, there are apparently no rules as to how low they can go. I like Kevin Spacey as an actor; I have less than zero interest in seeing him naked and acting like a despicable jerk to a woman. Yuck.

The series is well-done, but the content went from interesting to disgusting for me. So while I started out thinking of it as a 4-star show, I'm afraid the content changed too much to keep my rating high.

2 stars, Didn't Like It  (Averaging the 4-stars of some good content, and the 1-star of some awful content)


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