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The Age of Adaline – A Must-See Movie

September 26, 2015

Age of AdalineI wish I could remember who told me to see The Age of Adaline – so I could hug her! I've been busy so I don't remember watching the trailer when the movie came out in April. Also, reading the description on IMDB made me think this was some slow, boring, “literary” type of movie, which I'm rarely in the mood for.

But the other night John was out with his friends and I walked by a Redbox at the grocery store and didn't see anything else that I wanted, so I said, why not?

I am so glad I rented this movie!!!!

Actually, at the moment it ended, I was NOT glad I rented it because I wanted to watch it again! 😀 But it's on my Christmas list now. 😉

The best part was that there was no “Nicholas Sparks moment.” A couple times I had to brace myself thinking, oh great, this is probably the scene where someone dies and the whole thing is ruined. But it didn't happen! And a couple times I braced myself thinking, oh great, this is probably where so-and-so is a royal jerk and ruins the tone of the whole movie.

But it didn't happen!

In fact, I really enjoyed every character, and all the aspects of the plot line. It was a really wonderful story, and well done in every way. The only thing that took me out of the enjoyment of the moment was me worrying that the writers were about to ruin it. In fact, I figured this must be based on a book since it was so well done and that seems to be how we get some of the movies I've enjoyed the most the last few years. But when I looked it up, no, just two great screenwriters. I want to hug them too!  😀

If you have a chance, definitely see The Age of Adaline! It's absolutely 5 stars to me. I can't wait to see it again the second time, this time without worrying something is going to ruin it. I'm going to love it even more. 🙂


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