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“The Amulet” by Dolores Else (Free Today)

September 23, 2015

Another one of my friends has a free book today! Yay! Dolores Else has a series called Burgundy Street Women. Her first book came out in February 2013, The Women of Burgundy Street. Book two, The Amulet, was released last December. But it's free today and tomorrow, through September 24. Hurry and download it!  🙂

If you want to start at the beginning, here are the book descriptions for both books.

The Women of Burgundy Street by Dolores ElseLa Fonda never had a family and never knew love. When she goes to Father Andre to advise where she could live, she feels love and generosity for the first time. He finds her a two-room attic flat in his Aunt Camelia's building. How could she not love him?

Father Andre, a devoted priest, never dreamt he would fall in love with a young woman who looked up to him as a man of God. How could he not admire her innocence and unworldliness?

La Fonda and Andre become lovers. Father Andre's pastor learns Father Andre has a mistress and transfers him to another part of the city and has him promise never to see “that woman” again. Andre cannot imagine the rest of his life without La Fonda. Will he be able to leave his beloved vocation and the respect of his parishioners for the woman he loves?

The Amulet by Dolores ElseCamelia, a midwife and dressmaker, prepares amulets for three friends and a daughter in her candle-lit dining room. Each woman has a special need. Some want children, some want love and normalcy in their lives, and Rosalia wants to consummate her marriage. She wishes to give her husband the love he deserves.

The women consider Camelia a wise woman and go to her with their problems. She puts different herbs in each little red satin pouch according to the needs of the women and tells them to believe in the power of their amulets. They do believe.

With her unique challenge, each woman goes through disappointment, and some must take a different path in their lives to attain happiness.


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