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14 + 3 = M.A.

May 23, 2011

It's amazing to me how tight the end-of-degree crunch is. I've known for twelve weeks that I have a final assignment due in each of my classes, and I've been working on them for twelve weeks. Yet here I am in the crunch time, not ahead of the game with my assignments like I thought I'd be, and behind in nearly everything else. But my friends who just graduated with their bachelor degrees reminded me it was the same for them. Some things don't change, I guess!

So with fourteen days to go until my three assignments need to be turned in, I am hustling to get the writing and editing done. It's fun, but I do wish I had more time. Of course, if I weren't planning an overseas trip for the day after my last class, one which requires coordinating three hotels in two cities, and meeting up with nearly two dozen individuals as well as a couple of group parties, and bringing my mom back to Australia with me – if it weren't for all that extra work, I probably would be done with all of my assignments right now! LOL!

When times get tough, I keep reminding myself that, worst case scenario, I won't fail any of my classes and I'll have a master of arts degree in three weeks. Hurray!! I'll try to keep you updated. Meanwhile, have a great day and week!  🙂


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