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21 Years and Counting!

May 5, 2011

Today is my 21st wedding anniversary! Yay!

{{balloons}} ::confetti:: <<applause>>

The picture above is of us on the ferry to Manly last month when our friends were visiting us in Sydney. Aren't I lucky?!

As you can imagine, I'm not getting much done in the homework or writing areas today. John told me he wants to buy me a cool leather briefcase now that I'm about to graduate with my Master of Arts in Creative Writing, and I've spent the last couple hours surfing the Net and YouTube looking at all the choices. Fun way to spend a morning!  🙂

But better than any present is the joy I feel that John and I have been together so long and still would rather be with each other than anyone else. I am immensely grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful gift!  🙂


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