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My Public Display of Dieting – Week 5

February 10, 2016

RESULTS: Gained 3 pounds for a total loss of 4 pounds!

Pumpkin pieYIKES!! Talk about Epic Fail!

But here's the thing, I know exactly how it happened. I always crave chocolate the week before my period, but I was still keeping it under the calorie count. Barely, but happening. Then I went a little crazy…

Friday – doughnuts for breakfast, dark chocolate covered almonds for lunch, and Little Caesar's Bacon-wrapped deep dish pizza for dinner with Magner's cider and chips and salsa. Figured I could still make up for it before my weigh-in on Monday. 😉

Saturday – went out to lunch and dinner with friends, started out trying to be good and even split a prime rib dinner with my girlfriend, but in the end went about 50% over my daily calorie goal.

Sunday – unexpectedly, we went to a restaurant for breakfast with our friends again and, while I ate a lot of amazing food, I'd decided nothing but protein shakes and bars for the rest of the day. Surely that would help me for Monday's weigh-in. Of course, there was also all that Super Bowl party food, but in the end I only went 7 calories over.

BUT…driving home from our friends' house Sunday, we remembered Lent was going to start Wednesday. We decided to give up sweets but also decided that we would eat the rest of our open containers by the end of Tuesday. I figured, this will be okay, I'll weigh myself tomorrow (Monday), eat a ton of chocolate and other sweets Monday and Tuesday, and work it off by the following Monday.

Um, yeah, well…I couldn't get to the scale Monday morning or Tuesday morning, so by the time I weighed myself this morning, all that eating and my period looked really bad, three pounds gained bad! So bad that I was seriously thinking of not being honest about it since it's so embarrassing.

But what if someone is reading this months from now, sees my (future) picture of me 50 pounds lighter, reads my blog for inspiration, and doesn't know I fictionalized part of it because I was embarrassed? Then this whole year's worth of blogging is a pointless, time-wasting exercise.

Because the truth is I screwed up…and the truth is I'll fix it. And that's something we can all do, no matter what we're dealing with in life. Tomorrow is a new day. Next Monday is a new weigh-in. And I'm going to do much better.  😀


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