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My Public Display of Dieting – Week 6

February 15, 2016

RESULTS: Lost 4 pounds for a total loss of 8 pounds!

Smiley face with thumb upWhew! I was pretty sure (mostly) I would lose last week's 3-pound gain, but I didn't know if I could lose an additional pound as well. But I did it! Thank you, God! 😀

I think the exercising is really affecting the weight loss. While I'm not doing a ton of strength training, I'm doing more than I have in years and it's showing. Today, I moved from walking with my 3-pound weights and doing arm exercises on the walk, to taking my 5-pound weights. Wow, that's a big difference! I could feel myself walking slower and of course I couldn't do as many sets of each exercise.

But I was also thinking – whoa, I'm carrying 10 extra pounds with me, but I've lost 8 pounds, so this slower, heavier pace is how I was walking normally less than two months ago!

Every bit of forward momentum – and maybe even more so the forward momentum when I had a step back the previous week – is really motivating me to keep going! I'm excited to see where I'll be in another six weeks. But even more so, what will I look like when my 50-week journey is over??!!  😀


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