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000 – About the Show

Welcome to the WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast! I'm your host, Kitty Bucholtz, and I want to encourage you to believe that you can write a book and change the world.

In addition to writing, I also love teaching, and helping writers is one of my favorite things to do. On this podcast, I want to help you improve your writing and move your writing career forward.

Each week, there will be three short episodes – because you may not have time to sit and listen for an hour straight. So on Tuesdays, I'll bring you a teaching episode, something you can apply to your writing right away. On Thursdays, I'll interview a writer or editor or someone else in the publishing industry who has valuable information to share. And Sundays will offer you an Encouraging Words episode. Writing can be a difficult and often lonely business, and we all need the occasional boost to keep us moving forward.

In addition to the audio episodes, I'll often add video portions of the show to my YouTube Channel, Kitty Bucholtz. Not everyone wants to be interviewed on video, but I'll share with you as many as I can.

We can get to know each other better on the WRITE NOW! Workshop Facebook group, so pop on over and say hello. Tell me what you're writing and what you're struggling with.

Meanwhile, subscribe to the show – and enjoy!


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